Ram X-Grip Review

One of the leading companies offering mounting systems for hand held devices is Ram Mounts. From cell-phone grips, to biger laptop setups, they offer an array of systems that will accommodate most of your needs when on the road. To use on my motorcycle I chose the X-Grip system for its overall versatility. This littleContinue reading “Ram X-Grip Review”

The Plan: Escaping Liberty in search of Freedom

Happiness. A word full of words, an emotion trapped within a smile, a glint of light reflected on the subtle wrinkles of our eyes, a deep rooted tickle, so difficult to grasp. – D.L.C.L. I’m not really sure where it all began, probably after watching Che’s Motorcycle Diaries and discussing it with a couple ofContinue reading “The Plan: Escaping Liberty in search of Freedom”