For this category I wanted to make sure fabrics were breathable, moisture wicking, and would dry fast. The idea is to have multiple layers in order to compensate for constant altitude/weather changes. On test rides in the winter here in NY I’ve comfortably worn a loft jacket, over riding jacket, over hoodie, over t-shirt, over base layer, and found myself needing to remove layers very quickly. I don’t expect this set up to withstand extreme cold temperatures as I get closer to the southern peaks so I will probably buy a heavier jacket as I get close.

  1. T-shirts (2)
  2. Hoodie
  3. Convertible Shorts/Pants
  4. Long sleeve Base Layer
  5. Under Armor Long Johns Base Layer
  6. Underwear (3)
  7. Socks (2 long, 1 short)
  8. Icebreaker Balaclava/neck protector (not on picture)
  9. Basic sandals for showering (not pictured)
  10. Walking shoes (not pictured)

In regards to shoes, I’m still undecided as they tend to take a lot of space. I’ve been looking into Keen Newport H2 to use as both shoe and sandal but they don’t feel too comfortable. If I go with cheap sandals, i’ll take a pair of Converse since they pack small. I need some help here guys!

Most things on the list are made out of Merino Wool or synthetic fabrics. Stay away from cotton!

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