Riding Gear


In this category, my main concern was having water proofing for when it gets rainy, breath-ability when hot, and most importantly good protection. We all have caveats and personal favorites when it comes to riding gear, but because my budget is tight, and my experience is limited, I just went with what research and gut feeling told me – hey, that’s how you learn :/

  1. Icebreaker Merino Jacket: Event though this is not “riding gear” per say, this versatile piece has proven to be lightweight, comfortable, and super warm. If I’m riding and it starts getting cold I can throw this over my riding jacket and I’m good to go. If colder, I wear a merino sweater (see clothing) under my riding jacket. This set up has worked well for me when riding in cold temperature here in NY
  2. REV’IT! Airwave 2 Pants: I never wore riding pants until recently (big no no in my book, but I got to be honest) One of the main reasons for the delay on acquiring pants was because I have a short in-seam AND tiny waste, so could never find a good fit. The Airwaves fit me almost perfect, but I still had to make some adjustments for the waste to fit well. I’ve found these pants to be slight water resistant, but definitely not water proof. They come with hip and knee protectors rated CE level 1. I can wear pants underneath if cold, but these are warm enough that I think I’ll be ok.
  3. Dainese Jacket: I bought this guy when I started riding and it has served me well so there was no reason to get a new one. This jacket has CE level 2 elbow and spine protectors (bought separately). The biggest down side is that it’s not waterproof so I will have to wear rain gear on top.
  4. GMax 54S Helmet: My first helmet was a GMax 68 which was great but not modular, and for this trip I wanted to go that route so I switched to the 54S in matte black. This one also has a brake activated light (COOOOL but almost useless) but comes with a drop down sun-visor and improved ventilation. I will say that during heavy rain, if I don’t push the visor down tight, I get a drop or two of water filtering through the top but this happens very rarely to be a nuisance. In the winter I wear an icebreaker balaclava that extends down into my chest so I’ll bring that as well
  5. TCX WP Boots: Like my jacket, I first bought TCX WP boots when I started riding. I like boots that look good on and off the bike and these are great at that. They have ankle, toe and, heel protection and are CE certified. I haven’t done any river crossing on these, but during rain have held up very well and dry. When walking they are comfortable and look nice.
  6. Scorpio SGS Gloves: I really like the attention they’ve paid to protection on these, adding scaphoid sliders to your palm in case of crash, superfabric on the fingers, and TPU molded knuckles. Some reviews mentioned that the stitching would come apart on certain sections, but so far have help up very well. One concern I have with these is that in the colder days they then to get a bit nippy and am hoping that my heated grips will help out.

I will also be carrying this set of Olympia Horizon rain gear. It packs within itself, is highly visible, and doesn’t take up much space. During a few test rides it has proven to be extremely efficient at, well, keeping rain away.


  1. Olympia Horizon Rain Pants      2. Olympia Horizon Rain Jacket