XT250: The Mighty Yamaha

I am no expert rider, as a matter of fact I’ve been riding for only 2 years and the Mighty 2014 Yamaha XT250 is my first bike. That being said, it’s not hard to conclude that this baby is an awesome, light weight, powerful, fun and dynamic bike, packed in 250cc ‘s of moto-adventure wrath. This is the new Fuel Injected version and even though I read a lot about the easy maintenance carbureted  xt250, I figured why not stay up to date with the times (no offence old timers :))


Plenty has been said out there about this very reliable dual sport bike, especially being closely related to the Yamaha XT225 (see www.xt225.com). The frame is compact, yet comfortable – including the seat, which has kept me happy for 3 hour trips; The 5 gear transmission is on point, although sometimes you feel like a 6th gear would come in handy – probably based more on mere adrenaline than actual lack of power; Stock tires are definitely dirt oriented and have been upgraded to decent Goodyear quality – previous years stocked cheaper, lower quality ones; and the headlight… well not much there, i guess no one is perfect.

After owning and riding it for a little over a year, I’ve started adding and tweaking certain things in an effort to make it more personal per se, and I will be adding reviews and thoughts on these changes as I become more acquainted with them on the bike. So far I’ve added a GIVI E300 trunk, a Ram X-Grip and ball, and a battery tender Quick Disconnect USB Charger

In any case, I chose this bike because as a new rider I was looking for flexibility and reliability. The guts are simple enough making it super easy to learn basic maintenance, the amount of mods out there are enough to keep me busy for some time, and I can have fun on the dirt whenever I want to!

My bike, La Culpable

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