Wanneer ik heb niets (When I have nothing)

I’ve been left – with- and without nothing,
so quick and so painful, and so sad.
And nothing could make me smile just with fluttering eyes.
But who would’ve thought that feeling was so hard going in blind,
even if nothing would stay, I would run out of time.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be broken with nothing in your heart?
Just a pile of memories from day’s afar, and nothing stuck in between the lines.
A feeling so dark that taints blossoming smiles, and drowns the brightest of skies. Nothing’s left. Nada. Niets.

And like a river after a stormy day my body is dizzy and covered in clay,
confused as the current carries my tears, somber for the storm has come to an end.
I’m out of time, stuck, lightaheaded. Nothing could help me clear my mind.

All I have is this riddle of a poem at night,
a rhyme that doesn’t quiet sound alright.
A pink rose that goes so far
that nothing can touch it,
and still break a smile.

Do you ever wanna’ escape and hope that nothing stays?
A dreamer’s tale, a poet’s muse, a kingdom come – a castle, yes a castle!
And let the wind take you where nothing is real, and stay there.
Happy with nothing. Nada. Niets.

Sometimes I do.
Written while listening to Johnny Cash – Hurt


Published by MotoPoet

Just another bike rider looking for adventure, one word at a time.

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