Scorpion SGS Sport Glove

When buying gear one can spend hours searching for the right item, unfortunately with gloves you tend to spend more than you want and less than you should. Of course, depending on the type of riding you do, the type of glove you buy will differ.

The SGS is a sport glove made by American company Scoprion and is withing the sub-one hundred dollar mark at $79. It features a combination of leather, kangoroo skin, Superfabric, and Kevlar, the perfect mixture of materials to compose a very durable glove.The glove comes in 5 different colors: black, blue, neon, red, and white.

Scorpion SGS - Click to enlarge.
Scorpion SGS – Click image to enlarge.

Your big knucles are protected by molded TPU (thermoplastic polyurothane) which is attached to a flexible fabric on the back of your hand. A series of Superfabric patches cover your small knuckles, while keeping them cumfortable when holding the grips – do keep in mind that superfabric has a rough texture and may scrath your bike or any other fragile surface (Learn more about Superfabric). The glove come pre-curved from factory which for some may not be ideal

The plam of the hand is wrapped with kangaroo skin which promises greater abrasion resistance than traditional leathers while offering a more comfortable feel. Close to the wrist you’ll find two vented SPS Sliders, designed to protect your scaphoid bone and prevent your glove from getting caught on the pavement in case of a fall. The sliders are held together by a second layer of lether which extends down the outside of the palm and up your pinky or little finger. Kevlar protective internal palm patches are out-stitched in order to eliminate interior seam feel. All seams are double stitched.

Scorpion SGS Palm
Scorpion SGS Palm – Click image to enlarge.

I’ve owned the black Scorpion SGS gloves for little over a year and thus far they’ve worked out great. Originally I found a lot of reviews stating that some of the stitching was coming un-done around the fingers or outside of the palm but so far I’ve yet to come accross this, maybe the fact that my hand is small and does not put great stress on the stitching is keeping this from happening, I’ll update as thisng unfold. The materials are definitely top notch and the glove fits perfect around my hand, although I should mention that they always leave a mark on my hand when I take them off, it doesn’t cause discomfort but does sit around the hand fairly tight. I have a Samsung G6 and I can use it while wearing these gloves (probably due to the kangaroo skin) but since they are pre-curved from factory it can get a little awkward. The velcro strap that secures the glove to the wrist is very good and allows for some wigle room to go either around your jacket or under it

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