Day 3 – Conquer the Dragon

Moring Delight

Woke up at around 9 and slowly rolled out of bed. Motor 1 and his wife offered to make me some porridge and coffee to kick start the day. This place is awesome, I feel like I’m at a resort with a lake, trails, my own RV, gourmet food, plus right next to famous roads.

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It turns out that the Dragon (Read More) is one of America’s most famous motorcycle roads, and it’s located in Motor 1’s backyard. This is basically a racetrack going up hill with a million curves – actually 318 in 11 miles- and drop offs on one side, plus crazy riders coming from the opposite direction eager to show their skills (or lack thereof), throw in a few photographers that take cool shot of you while you lean (or plop) on the curves and you are a professional racer.


After breakfast we geared up and rode to face the Dragon. We started right before mile marker 11 -Tabcat Bridge, and headed towards the Tail of the Dragon (see image). This road is less about the views (still very nice) and more about the ride, here you need to focus and measure your limits, keep your gaze forward and let to curves guide you. At the tail you find a couple of stores and it is basically a motorcycle pit stop where you’ll find all sorts of bikes and some cars that ride the famous road.

Here you’ll also find the Tree of Shame, a sculpture of bike parts from previous accidents that have been elegantly placed on a tree to remind you of the seriousness of this road – RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Motor 1 had to go so we took an official Ride Report pic and he headed out. I went to the official Tail of The Dragon store across the street from the pit stop and shopped around for a bit – got me an official dragon 129 sticker and took some pictures of the surrounding area, then headed back home for a last goodbye of the road. I made some basic helmet-cam video of the road and will upload as soon as I have better internet.

With Motor 1 from
Talk about Diversity!

Back home it was getting late so since Motor 1 had offered, I decide to spend another night at his place. We went to town and had some delicious Oriental food and hung out for a bit then of to bed. Tomorrow I head towards Alabama

Lesson Learned:
I have many miles to go before I become a proficient motorcycle rider. Technique is very important, respecting the danger that come with the art form is crucial, fear leads to mistakes, overconfidence leads to bigger mistakes, practice makes perfect. Thank you Motor 1 for all the pointers and lessons on riding correctly!

Daily Stats:
Sticker: $5
Food: $33.54
Miles: 25
Curves: 636 (318 each way : )

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