Days 9 – 10 Espinaca and Family

As much as I want to be in Mexico already, I still have to head south to the border. Based on advice from the previous day I opted for crossing in McAllen-Reynosa and before heading out in the morning I reached out to a few Couchsurfing hosts. Within minutes I got a reply from Emily who was quick to offer her place for me to crash, so after some warm goodbyes and official bike pictures I set my GPS for McAllen and left Pat and Diana’s place behind – once again thank you guys for all you did for me!
McAllen is about 350 miles from Austin, mostly on a flat straight line, and before I knew it I was pulling into Emily’s place. She lives with a couple of roommates (Sara and Cristian) but the real boss in the house is Espinaca, a rescue dog who is sure to put you smile on your face – She basically roams around the house checking up on everyone and forcing you to pet her to her satisfaction.
The guys quickly got me set up in a spare bedroom and I immediately unloaded all my gear in the bedroom in order to re-organize and prep for border. I also took some time to work on the laptop, call family and friends, and just relax for a bit. Eventually it was time for dinner and I was invited to join the family at the table to enjoy a succulent veggie dinner dish and a beer (sorry no pic as I was too focused fattening up) Before eating we all took turns thanking life for a particular thing and for allowing us to share that particular moment, it was a very humbling experience for me.
The next day (#10) I was feeling lazy and fairly nervous about crossing so in an effort to procrastinate a bit I asked Espi if I could stay another night, and she was nice enough to say yes so long as I gave her a good belly rub and let her nap next to me while I worked on the blog – gotta do what you gotta do!
Once again Emily offered to make a delicious breakfast with perfect coffee included. After eating, the guys all went on about their business and I staid hanging out with Espi at the house prepping (once again) for the next day’s crossing. At night we decided to go have dinner at a local taco joint where they offered an excellent salsa and veggie bar – and oh man was it delicious. Sadly Emily was not with us as she had received a surprise visit from her boyfriend Homero who lives in another city, but I’m glad she got to see him 🙂
Tomorrow Mexico!
Daily Stats:
Day 9 – 286 Miles
Food: $6 (Gas station chicken, fries, and soda)
Gas $15.80
Total: $21.80
Day 10 – 0 Miles
Food: $42.97 (taco dinner w sodas for 4)

USA Stats Summary
Days: 10
Miles: 2147.4
Flats: 1
Food: $145.47
Gas: $90.87
Lodging: $69
Other: $101.30

Total Cost: $406.64 or AVERAGE $40.66 per day. I was able to stay within my $45 daily budget in the US wooohooo!

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