Day 3 – Conquer the Dragon

Woke up at around 9 and slowly rolled out of bed. Motor 1 and his wife offered to make me some porridge and coffee to kick start the day. This place is awesome, I feel like I’m at a resort with a lake, trails, my own RV, gourmet food, plus right next to famous roads.Continue reading “Day 3 – Conquer the Dragon”

Day 2 – Riding The Ridge

Woke up at around 8:00 and Raz had already made coffee and was baking some delicious cinnamon bun rolls. He had mentioned that the Blue Ridge Parkway was just up the road from his house and offered to take me there and show me around after bfast. Raz has a very interesting job working asContinue reading “Day 2 – Riding The Ridge”

Day 1 – Left Westchester, NY at 9. Then I went back home

I left with the road in mind, and adventure as a matter of fact. I rode with what I left behind in mind, and sad as a matter of fact. And ahead were more day to leave behind, and roads to have ridden in the past. I left with the end in mind, and adventure, asContinue reading “Day 1 – Left Westchester, NY at 9. Then I went back home”


A este albahío falta ponerle huevos, que le cuenten el porqué de la faena. Pobre animalito triste y descompuesto, no te escondas ni le temas al torero. Ese trote firme es la mortaja de tu corazón deshecho, del desespero y la impotencia. Y la ansiedad. Pobre criatura amorcillada, endeble, débil, desarmada, date la vuelta yContinue reading “Amorcillado”

Scorpion SGS Sport Glove

When buying gear one can spend hours searching for the right item, unfortunately with gloves you tend to spend more than you want and less than you should. Of course, depending on the type of riding you do, the type of glove you buy will differ. The SGS is a sport glove made by American company Scoprion andContinue reading “Scorpion SGS Sport Glove”

Ram X-Grip Review

One of the leading companies offering mounting systems for hand held devices is Ram Mounts. From cell-phone grips, to biger laptop setups, they offer an array of systems that will accommodate most of your needs when on the road. To use on my motorcycle I chose the X-Grip system for its overall versatility. This littleContinue reading “Ram X-Grip Review”

The Plan: Escaping Liberty in search of Freedom

Happiness. A word full of words, an emotion trapped within a smile, a glint of light reflected on the subtle wrinkles of our eyes, a deep rooted tickle, so difficult to grasp. – D.L.C.L. I’m not really sure where it all began, probably after watching Che’s Motorcycle Diaries and discussing it with a couple ofContinue reading “The Plan: Escaping Liberty in search of Freedom”